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Christopher Hall is a UK-based producer, re-mixer, and DJ.


He describes music as a place. A place where what is felt and experienced in the atmosphere is what matters most; a place to explore where our natural urge to question leads us.


Exposure to the sample-based instrumental Hip Hop pioneers, and the turntablist scene of the late 90s, lured Christopher into the world of music, and his natural curiosity to learn how things are made; led him into beat making, re-mixing, and production.


This Formative time behind the decks evolved into a love for club culture and is heard through tracks rooted in Techno and House, while his deep love for the mysterious and unexplainable gives rise to down-tempo tracks that collage more esoteric themes.


His daily practice is a journey back and forth between these worlds, using synthesisers, drum machines, samplers, computers, and a human hand to create his unmistakeable sound.

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